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  • Skagit Regional Health is a healthcare system serving Skagit, Island and north Snohomish counties. Hospitals, clinics and urgent care facilities.
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The IT team at Skagit Regional Health wanted a new approach to how they tracked their internal resource capacities. Their method of an Excel spreadsheet linked to an Access database had become far too cumbersome for their fast-paced environment. This process also created a huge burden for the team member that had been tasked to manage it. We were asked to create a solution that could be updated easily and efficiently. This project was affectionately nicknamed “Save Nancy.”


Our first task was to choose the tool/technology where we could build the best solution. The second was to outline our priorities, use cases, and user flows for the project. After we had agreed on those – we began wireframing, designing, and building the final web-based application.


During our initial discussions, we identified 3 important goals this application would need to perform; manage teams, manage projects, and most importantly, run reports so that the executive team could quickly view and act on critical data.

Based on the IT team’s skillset and comfort with Microsoft products, we chose a Microsoft SQL server as our database recommendation. Its speed and performance, a solid community of knowledge base, and its natural evolution from an Access database were all factors which lead us to to making that decision. Because agreed this needed to be a web-based application, we chose HTML, CSS, and the modern flexible and reactive Vue.js library as the frontend architecture.

We began to sketch out use cases so that we could identify what user flows and funnels we’d need to map out. From these sessions, we identified 3 main user groups; Administrative, Project Owners, and Users. We created 3 different distinct flows based on this discovery. This group of user flows became the basis on which we created the application wireframes and eventually our final designs.


The result was a simple-to-navigate web application with a clean design aesthetic and minimalistic color palette that leant itself to help the user be able to easily digest the data. Reports could easily be run, viewed, and filtered by teams, projects, or overall status. LDAP technology was utilized so administrators could easily add, remove, or change team members’ roles…and we successfully “Saved Nancy”.

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