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  • A hydrotherapy resource for dogs that helps facilitate health and wellness to improve the quality of every canine’s life.
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Fido Physio was a new business that specialized in warm-water hydrotherapy for dogs. The business was so new they were in the process of building out their space when they approached me about creating a web experience for their potential customers. When I asked them what type of visual assets they had already created (logo, color palette, photography, etc.), the response was “none.” I explained that Fido Physio had a unique opportunity to come out of the gate very strong visually, which would help to build brand confidence with new and potential customers. The owner agreed, and what began as a modest website project, transformed into a much larger-scale project including branding, logo, collateral design, and the initially requested website.


The first task was doing some small-scale research into their competitive universe: What other brands in the area would they be competing with? Who did they aspire to become like as the business grew? Who was their audience?, etc.  Based on what I learned about their key personas, I needed to identify 3 brand attributes and then create the logo and other supporting brand collateral that personified those results.


During our initial research of their competitive universe, we identified 3 main people groups as the primary audience groups for Fido Physio. They were:

  1. Dog Owners (middle to upper-class women between the ages of 40-55 years)
  2. Veterinarians (Small to medium-sized veterinary clinics – rehab referrals)
  3. Service Dog Owners (Police, Military, Search and Rescue, etc.)

Next, we looked for 3 attributes that represented the essence of the Fido Physio brand and how we wanted their audience to feel when they interacted with it. We landed on:

  1. Professional: (competent, qualified, and proficient)
  2. Wellness: (health, holistic, comprehensive)
  3. Committed: (Attentive, devoted to seeing dog’s health be maintained or restored)

Finally, I created a mark that personified those attributes. I created a monogram with the F and P that together formed the shape of a healthy and active dog. I used clean, bright, and vibrant colors to represent the water which was at the core of the work Fido Physio offered. Using the mark and colors, I built out a complete visual identity for Fido Physio including a website that has become a central tool used by the brand for onboarding new patients.


Following the opening of Fido Physio in June of 2021 – the business was met with overwhelming enthusiasm by the community. In the first year after the site went live – over 25% of its users filled out an engagement or intake assessment to become a client. The business reached full capacity within its first year and has had to increase its staff members twice during that time. On average they receive 2 inquiries a week for new clients that want to set up ongoing wellness appointments for their dogs. Clients are consistently letting staff know how it easy it was to find the information they needed and how intuitive the onboarding process was.

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