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Employee Incentive Application

  • User Interface

Building Culture

Perks was an application created to give local business the ability to build culture by giving teams access to exclusive offers and savings in participating business. The application’s UI was designed with 3 different distinct audiences in mind.

First the application needed to be able to help users quickly identify where participating merchants were located based on their geolocation. Also, it needed to help identify what type of savings were available. In addition they were able to write reviews based on the service they received.

Value Add for Merchants

Second, participating merchants needed to be able to access who was visiting their business, see what reviews were given, set their tiered saving schema and track sales. Theoretically they could learn from their audience and use the information to build personas around their desired customers.

Extended Invitation

Finally, managers needed to be able to identify who was on their teams and extend the invitations to new employees. For most users, the UX was pretty straight forward. However, some users could be merchants, team leaders or participants. It was critical that these users could identify immediately where they were in the application.

Working with the project UX designers, I used color as the key visual component to help these power users navigate their way through the various parts of the application.